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We offer an extensive collection of fashion wigs and hair pieces. They can give you a great natural look for temporary hair loss problems, as those caused by chemotherapy. Custom wigs and hair pieces are also available for those looking for a perfect fit, and can be created in human, or synthetic hair. These can be taped, or glued to the scalp for a very secure feeling. We have many alopecia patients that prefer the custom hair prosthetics just for those reasons.

If you do not want personal services, we invite you to look at our online collection of wigs. They are available to you at 15% off the retail price listed, if you call in an order, and pick up the wig with no service involved. You will, however, still have to schedule a time for pick up since all of our hours are by appointment. We can ship wigs to you ,if you prefer, simply call in your order and provide payment information.

View: Casey $112.00

View: Colleen $132.00

View: Diana $112.00

View: Ellen $122.00

View: Evette $128.00

View: Faith $114.00

View: Faye $120.00

View: Holly $130.00

View: Jessica $120.00

View: Jody $120.00

View: Jordan $120.00

View: Mandy $120.00

View: Millie $125.00

View: Nadia $110.00

View: Pearl $130.00

View: Petite Amore $110.00

View: Petite Dawn $115.00

View: Petite Demi $115.00

View: Petite Kate $120.00

View: Petite Nancy $120.00

View: Petite Sally $120.00

View: Petite Susie $120.00

View: Rebecca $115.00

View: Shelby $115.00

View: Sweet Touch $110.00

View: Venna $155.00

View: Venus $125.00

View: Whisper Lite $105.00

The following is a sample of the wide array of availabel colors.


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