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Manelines was established in 1999, by Linda Kay Hice, to provide a unique, private place for those suffering from hair loss, whether from chemotherapy, alopecia, or heredity. The idea was to put together compatible services, and to provide a quiet, stress free environment for post surgical patients, and others that need our private services.

We immediately incorporated post-mastectomy into our service menu. Our post mastectomy product line is complete and has expanded as we have grown. We have a new breast form available for patients that have had problems with post mastectomy lymphedema. It is called the Massage Form... you can check it out in our Mastectomy Products. We also have a new post surgical compression bra that is designed to help prevent truncal lymphedema immediately after surgeries, and to help control truncal lymphedema for patients suffering from this condition. I am so excited to bring the these innovative products to our doctors, and patients. Of course, we still fit compression arm sleeves, and compression hose for those working to control lymphedema in their outer extremities. Linda Kay Hice is a certified Mastectomy Fitter. She is certified though American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics (ABC), and Board for Orthotists/Prosthetist Certification (BOC). She has been fitting Breast Prosthetics for over 12 years.

We offer an extensive collection of fashion wigs and hair pieces. They can give you a great natural look for temporary hair loss problems, as those caused by chemotherapy. Custom wigs and hair pieces are also available for those looking for a perfect fit, and can be created in human, or synthetic hair. These can be taped, or glued to the scalp for a very secure feeling. We have many alopecia patients that prefer the custom hair prosthetics just for those reasons.

Linda Kay Hice is a Cosmetologist, so we fit and style our wigs here in our facility. She has been a Cosmetologist for many years, with over 25 years of experience in working exclusively with wigs. Her personal service is included in the retail price of our wigs. For our chemotherapy patients, we can schedule a FREE appointment for buzzing your hair, if that is a service you would like.

Manelines has partnered with our local Hospitals, providing free cleaning for used wigs that have been donated, and doing a “Trade-In” Sale to generate more wigs for local Cancer Closets. We clean the wigs that are traded and distribute them to the Hospitals for patients that cannot afford to purchase new wigs.

Linda Kay Hice is a preferred provider for Post Mastectomy Services. She accepts assignment on Medical Claims for Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS, State Health Care, & Cigna.


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